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How Much Do Freelance Writers Earn?

The freelancing world is full of many opportunities, and to secure jobs has become an easy task. All you require is a laptop and skills. Currently, many freelancers are working as writers. Yeah, but not all of them. It is because freelance writing is smooth and has many opportunities.

However, with the high number of freelance writers in the market, how much do they earn. That is a question many new beginners ask themselves. When they look at expert freelance writers, they assume that payment will be the same.

That is not true. You might find a client that pays well while others pay below the average rate. So, honestly, how much do freelance writers make? At the end of this article, you will learn how many different types of freelance writers.

Best Freelance Writing Niches That Pay Well

Freelance writing has become one of the most sought out jobs in the market. With the need for new content on the internet each day. Different websites belonging to individuals or companies ensure that they update their content to remain relevant.

Therefore, how much do such freelancers make? But first, let’s look at the types of freelancers. That will enable you to know the real amount one earns annually.

Finance Writers

You might assume that because it relates to money, that is why they receive high payments. That is not the case. Financial writing is becoming gold in the freelance world as many magazines, business websites, and financial institutions require a large amount of content for their readers.

For you to become a financial writer, you need to have studied finance. That is not necessary, but to create good content, you need to understand economics in depth. The average pay of a financial freelance writer is $64,000 annually. The lowest earns $42,000, while the highest earns $97,000 annually.

Technical Writers

Manuals, white papers, online help, software information, and project planning are content done by professional writers. It is not an easy task as it will require vast amounts of time creating content on a topic. In many cases, tech writing jobs require dealing with computer, science and engineering problems.

They are not easy to come up with but requires more knowledge about the topic. So, with these, how much do you think a freelance technical writer earns? According to US News Money, in 2017, the average pay of most professional writers was $70,930. The highest was $91,050, while the lowest was $54,780. Therefore, if you need to high more in this niche, ensure that you sharpen your skills accordingly.

Medical Writers

Working as a freelance medical writer is what many people like you aspire. It is not easy; you need to be knowledgeable about this niche. You don’t want to provide fluffy content that will mislead readers.

In most instances, many medical writers are professionals in the medical field. That is to ensure that the content produced for online use is certified and the best for readers. You cannot give health tips that don’t exist. You need to tell the truth as it is.

So, what is the average pay for a medical writer? On average, they earn about $94,000 annually. It is good to pay if you become one, but you need to be an expert.

These are some of the well-paying freelance writing niches. On average many freelance writers are earning less than $0.25 per word. So, to know how to succeed in this freelance writing, you need to ensure your charge is average. Also, you cannot charge every client the same you need to be flexible on your payment rates.

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